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Neil Gibson, Leonardo Gonzalez

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Welcome to the start of Theatrics. I think it’s a rather unusual story about someone who falls far and has to pick himself up again. Anyway, they guys told me I should write a bit to introduce the series and maybe answer three or four questions people have. I tried to point out that no one has asked any questions because they haven’t read Theatrics yet, but by that point they had left me alone in the office and told me to just “do it”. I think they are headed to the pub. So with no one to talk to as I write this,  here are some questions I asks myself:

1) How to write comics that are set in the 1920s and are accurate to the time?

Well, the smart approach is to write something that you know very well so you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching. So naturally I didn’t do the smart thing. Instead I had to share the script with a lot of people who, unlike me, actually knew something about the 1920s. Still, I had to do a lot of research. Even small things like candle holders on pianos had to be researched – in the twenties, most pianos would have come with candle holders to read the music at night because electricity was still rare. I had to compile lots of factoids which I shared with Leo Gonzalez (our very talented artist), which hopefully are picked up by those of you with eagle eyes. One thing we did get wrong was the use of hats – they were  lot more common back then and we didn’t include nearly enough in the early outdoor scenes. Still - lesson learned for next time! Now, what is the next question I ask myself?

2) How to make comics that look great?

Simple, I realised! Just write a script and then a get world class illustrator (Leo Gonzalez) and world class colourist (Jan Wijngaard) to take your script and make it way better. I recommend this approach to everyone!

3) Why is this a free online comic when we sell all the other TPub titles?

Good question. I guess I will fess up. We need to raise some money to pay for this comic and are hoping that enough people like it and share it that by the time it nears the end we will have a big enough audience that likes it that enough readers will support a kickstarter campaign to pay for the book.

4) What do you think of Digital comics?

Well they are the future and free digital comics are becoming more popular, but I still prefer reading on paper. Don’t know why, I just do.

5) What is Theatrics all about?

Aha! I really did have to ask myself this several times to stay on track. I suppose I should say, but truth be told, I like a bit of a mystery. If you really want to know, it is about the King of Broadway who loses his looks, money and ability to act and it’s about him picking himself back up and deciding to do next.

So onto the opening page itself. We wanted to immediately set the tone for the city with the cars and dress of the time. In the background on the last panel you can see a sign about the 18th amendment to the US constitution. With hindsight it seems crazy that the US banned alcohol. Historians argue it triggered the formation of professional gangs which soon expanded into other illegal affairs.

Oh and don’t worry, I will normally keep my comments on each page very brief!