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Action / Adventure

Y:The Last Man, Preacher, Lone Wolf And Cub, League Of Extraordinary GentlemenTraitor (Coming Soon),

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (Coming Soon),

Disposable Legends (Coming Soon)


Calvin And Hobbes, Booyah, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Garfield Minus GarfieldTwisted Light
Crime / Noir

Fatale ,100 bullets, Sin City , From HellTheatrics
Biographic / History

Maus,  Persepolis ,   Things to do in a retirement home trailer park The World of Chub Chub

Sandman , Fables , The Umbrella Academy , The UnwrittenTwisted Fantasy (coming Soon)

The Walking Dead ,  Hellblazer , Saga of the Swamp ThingTortured Life

Transdimensional (Coming Soon)

Mystery / Thriller

Locke and Key ,   Bedlam ,   Strange EmbraceTwisted Dark, Tabatha, Transmissions (Coming Soon),

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane ,  The Sculptor ,  Infinite VacationNothing yet!

Ex Machina ,  Transmetropolitan , SagaThe Theory

The Traveller (Coming Soon)


Invincible ,  Top Ten ,  Hawkeye ,  The Dark Knight Returns , Secret Identity ,  The Ultimates ,  WatchmenTurncoat

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