MCM Birmingham 2019 – March!

What a weekend!


We haven’t heard back from our friends at C2E2 yet, but MCM Birmingham this past weekend was AMAZING.

This was our first UK convention of the year, so we got to catch up with some of our favourite convention friends (including a surprise appearance from Cornelia, who came from Austria just for the con!), see some amazing cosplays, and of course – sell some books!


With so many amazing cosplays it’s hard to narrow it down to which ones we like the most, but here are a few of the highlights!

Shrek and Fiona, with Gingey, Puss in Boots, and donkey!

Certainly one of the more haunting Pennywise cosplayers we’ve seen!

Neil meeting Bowser

She-Ra, Entrapta, and Catra cosplayers from the new Netflix show – amazing work!

Kush getting sorted into Hogwarts by Professor Snape – and yes, the hat did talk!

Seymour and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors – sadly they didn’t burst into song!

Neil also had the very exciting opportunity to do two different panels. On Sunday Neil got to talk on the Live Stage about how comics can help you in work and study. It’s a talk he’s given at many conventions now, but there’s always good interest.


The other panel was actually our first on the Main Stage at an MCM, and was on collaborating to work on The Theory.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get everyone who worked on it in, but Neil (main author/ editor), David Court (author of Battlesuit and Obsession), Phil Buckenham (illustrator of Battlesuit and Obsession), and Jed McPherson (graphic designer) all were there. Trista Bex led the panel, and everyone had a great time fielding some really interesting questions. The best question (which won a free, advance copy of “The Theory”) was “if you could write any character that currently exists, who would you write?”

If you want to know the answer to that question, you’ll just have to find us at a convention sometime!


Apart from the usual convention shenanigans (with relatively little Werther-ing for Neil), we also met some really talented new creators and introduced them to our comic course – we’re really looking forward to seeing what they come up with!





The TPub Team


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