Neil’s favourite candy

Neil’s favourite candy

‘Twas a warm day in August in Toronto, Canada, when it all began.

Since Neil started working in comics in 2012, he has gone to Fan Expo Canada every year. As he does with all non-UK cons, he brought some British sweets to give to fans, both old and new. This year, he had brought chocolate eclairs.


When Neil was giving these Eclairs out, a plan was hatched – one of the volunteers, Mat, began putting them in Neil’s pockets. Neil would never notice this happening, so he just thought he was putting them in his pockets absent-mindedly.

He wasn’t.

This became somewhat of a tradition at Fan Expo, until Neil noticed and stopped bringing Eclairs, instead opting for Cadbury chocolates. Since Eclairs aren’t available in Canada, we had to make do and use the next best thing – Werthers.


One of the volunteers, Ian, was not very good at this – so he decided to get creative. He couldn’t put them in Neil’s pockets, but he could give them to the people buying books. We even got wait staff on board with it one evening!


It seemed that Neil could not escape the Werther’s, as once this happened, they started appearing in the UK. Since then, we’ve ran several scientific studies, and the results were truly staggering.

And that is the story of how the Werthening started!




The TPub Team

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