New Comics and Sale!

New Comics and Sale!

Hello everyone and welcome to the TPub blog! If you’re looking for updates on what books we’re working on, any sales we have, as well as what conventions we have coming up, this is the place to watch!


On that note, we have LOTS of titles coming out this year – The Theory, which was successfully Kickstarted in November, should be shipped out in February/ March and is available for preorder here.

We’re also getting into having single issues released on schedule (to our long-time fans, I can only apologise). By the end of the year we should have finished Transdimensional, Transmissions, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Disposable Legends, and The Traveller.


We’re also working on Twisted Dark Volume 7 and Volume 8 – at the moment we’re still relatively early in production, but we believe we’ll have at least one of them in stores by the end of the year!


Volume 2 of Theatrics is also well on its way to being finished – Leo is in extremely high demand, but we only have one chapter left to be illustrated! To celebrate, I thought I’d share the cover for volume 2. We’ve had it coloured in a couple different ways, and I’d love to know which one you think is best!



That’s a LOT of new stuff coming out this year, and we’re working very hard to keep everything on schedule!


Linda has also been working really hard on the website to make sure it’s running smoothly, and has added both digital books and hardbacks for select titles (as well as the blog which you are now reading).

To celebrate, we’re having a SALE!

All of our in-stock books are on sale effective 1 FEBRUARY 2019 and will be until 15 FEBRUARY 2019 – if you’re missing any books, please check out the store! As always, Neil will be offering free signatures on all our titles.



Finally, we’re starting up our convention season STRONG in March, with MCM Birmingham (Birmingham, UK, Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, USA), AND C2E2 (Chicago, USA). If any of you like our comics and would like to help out, we’d love to see you there! Just comment on this post or email us at info@tpub.co.uk and we’ll get in touch.



Until next time,


The TPub Team.

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