Here’s a Selection of Reviews

  • Twisted Dark

    Throwing all professionalism aside, the book was phenomenal!


    “From beginning to end, “Twisted Dark” will have your heart racing with anticipation.”

    Review Fix

    “It’s the literary equivalent of getting punched in the gut. I write that as a compliment.”


    “The stories left a lasting impression on me; it was difficult to stop thinking about them long after I had put the comic down. If you’re looking for a read that is of quality and is unforgettable, in the haunting sense, then you must definitely pick this up.”

    Book in a Nook
  • Tortured Life

    “The Bloodyman become instantly iconic. Reading it will be reminiscent of “The Empire Strikes Back” where Darth Vader attempts to pull Luke over to the dark side of the force. But it’s not some, half-witted rip off. The Bloodyman happens to be someone or thing with his own agenda… The sad thing about “Tortured Life” is that eventually it comes to an end. However, this means its done its job by leaving you wanting more.”

    Review Fix

    “[Tortured Life] cuts off your train of thought and leaves your mind crashed and wondering what just happened — in a good way, of course.”

    Comic Bulletin

    “The sad thing about Tortured Life is that it eventually comes to an end”

    Review Fix

    “Tortured Life is very reminiscent of the best Clive Barker stories while maintaining a gruesome, organ-spewing style all its own.”

  • Twisted Light

    “An absolute Treat”

    Comics and Cookies

    “Gibson’s excellent blend of gripping storytelling, humour, and interesting subject choices is still here!”

    Pages and Panels
  •  Tabatha

    “Great writing, solid art, and a black comedy for the nerd in us all. You will not want to miss this graphic novel off your summer reading list.”

    Bleeding Cool

    “Something sinister is going on behind the pages of Tabatha and it is delightfully evil”

    Fanboy Nation

    “You’ll come away impressed and wanting more”

    I’m with Geek

    “[Tabatha] feels like a modern noir film.”

    Part Time Fanboy
  • Theatrics

    “I must say, I’ve never read anything like this before… but that’s a good thing! 5 out of 5 stars”


    “Theatrics is a heart-racing thrill ride – a fantastic read!”


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