The Theory has arrived!

As many of you know, The Theory – a Twisted Sci-Fi has been a labour of love that took over 8 years to go from idea to print. Admittedly almost all of the work that’s gone into it happened over an 18 month period from late 2017 to early 2019, but that’s not as good of a story, now, is it?


We are VERY excited to say that we got the first few copies delivered to us before the rest are delivered to our warehouse – check out Neil’s unboxing video!



Ironically, Neil’s dad has ALREADY read the book cover to cover, and says that he really likes it! That may just be a dad thing – but the fine people over at Comicon.com or Pipedream Comics have been giving us similarly stellar reviews, so we’re pretty sure it’s not!


Apologies again to all our Kickstarter backers -some of the artwork had to be redone before we could send it to print, and between that and Neil’s new child, we ran into several unexpected delays!

That said, we’re confident that we’ll have all the books sent within two weeks, so start checking your post the week of the 1st!


If you missed the campaign, you can also pre-order the book from our storeto make it fair to our Kickstarter backers, we won’t be fulfilling any orders made on our website until after the campaign has been fulfilled. This should mean we start fulfilling our physical online orders around the 8th of April.

If you’re chomping at the bit in the mean time, the e-book has been sent to all backers and is now available for purchase in the store!


Comic Cons

We’ll actually be at two comic cons this weekend!

C2E2 in Chicago, run by Ian and Staci – it starts tomorrow, if you can believe it, and we’re on our way to having our booth set up!

As well as MCM Birmingham (in, well, Birmingham), where Neil will be doing two panels – one about collaborating to create The Theory on Saturday at 12:15, and the other about how to make comics on Sunday at 12:15.

Since we’ll have a lot of the team there, we’ll have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of copies of The Theory at MCM Birmingham this weekend – if you’re in the area and can’t wait to get your hands on a physical copy, this is the place to get them!


Hope to see you there!




The TPub Team

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