Twisted Dark Challenge


What is Twisted Dark?

Twisted Dark is a UK #1 bestselling indie comic. It’s not for everyone, and recommended for mature audiences.

If you like Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone or stories that make you think, this could be the comic for you.

How do I read?

We recommend you read it using Webtoons because it is perfect for mobile devices.

There is even a free app! Just use your thumb to scroll down the page and read the comic.

Take the challenge! 

Our challenge is for you to read the first two stories and then try and stop reading. Let Neil know if you get hooked! Neil@tpub.co.uk. If you do he can send you bonus unreleased content J

Wait! I prefer videos! 

No problem. Here is one of our stories that was directed by Jamie Childs who also directs Dr. Who. Have a watch. If you like it, why not try reading the comic? You may be surprised!

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