Twisted Dark season 1

Can you spot the connections?


A little girl with thoughts of suicide, a woman who kills her son because his smile reminded her too much of his father. A Colombian drug cartel and a cheating psychologist/ psychiatrist in the west coast of the US. A reclusive Norwegian author and the Yakuza. A man hell-bent on revenge. Do you know how they all connect?

Perfect for fans of twist endings and comics that reveal more on the second reading, each story stands alone but the more you read, the more connections you see between the characters.

Twisted Dark season one encompasses volumes 1-6 of the Kindle #1 bestseller!

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Twisted Dark was the first comic book written by Neil Gibson, and the immense amount of love he received from fans is the reason he became a full-time comic author/ editor and set up TPub.


Currently living in London with his wife, two children, and seemingly endless house guests, Neil still takes time to check his social media and hear from all his fans. If you’d like to get in touch with him, you can do it through the TPub Instagram or Twitter accounts, or his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts.

(There’s also good old email, which Neil would probably prefer, but he has to figure out social media sometime!)


We are immensely proud of all the artists we’ve worked with on this series. Given that there are a whopping 58 stories in the first six volumes, we’ve opted to save space and just give you links to everyone’s social media here! Our artists include Atula Siriwardane, Caspar Wijngaard, Heru Prasetyo Djalal, Jan Wijngaard, Ant Mercer, Dan West, Marc Olivent, Arjit Dutta Chowdhury, Hugo Wijngaard, Mark Martel, Antonio Balanquit Jr, Jake Elphick, Seb Antoniou, Leonardo Gonzalez, Jim Terry, Erol Debris, Novian Rivai, and Patrick Koduah.

There are others, but unfortunately we’re saving those stories for season two! We can honestly say everyone we’ve worked with is stellar, so if you fancy dropping any of them a line, please do!

Page by page

Best for mobile reading

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