The Theory

An archaeologist struggling to save our future, a time traveller working to fix our past.
Years in the making, The Theory: a Twisted Sci-Fi is finally ready!


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An archaeologist trying to save our future, a time traveller trying to fix our past.

Humans have achieved the seemingly impossible – faster than light travel.

Despite discovering hundreds and hundreds of planets that once contained intelligent life, we have yet to discover a single planet where that life remains. These planets have one thing in common – they were wiped out, either by accident or by design.

To track and study these dead civilisations, a group of astroarchaeologists have been created to help educate humans on how to avoid the same fate.

Seemingly working on the other end of the spectrum, an elite team of time travellers have been created in secret to help minimise human suffering. They travel through time performing ‘minimal alterations’ to the timeline to help achieve this.

Join Linda, the astroarchaeologist and Jemm-r, the time traveller, on an adventure to save our future and our past.

Primarily written by Neil Gibson, creator of TPub Comics, The Theory has been a passion project for many years. He describes The Theory as “Like Twisted Dark, but for science fiction fans”.

Neil has a real love for the comic book medium, and it’s his goal to get more people reading and creating comics.

Forrest C. Helvie (co-writer of Pandora) and David Court (co-writer of Battlesuit and Obsession) also provided valuable contributions to the writing of this work.

David is a the owner of three cats and the author of three increasingly heavier and thicker collections of science fiction and horror short stories – The Shadow Cast by the WorldForever and EverArmageddon and Scenes of Mild Peril – so he is in good company here. If you’d like to talk to him, you can find him on Twitter or Facebook.

Forrest C. Helvie lives in Connecticut with his wife and two sons where he is chair and professor of developmental English at Norwalk Community College. He is also the author of the Whiz Bang and Amelia the Adventure Bear children’s comics series, along with authoring numerous comics short stories. He frequently writes for Marvel and Newsarama. If you’d like to have a chat, you can find him on Twitter discussing all things comics related.


Illustrated by a team of rotating artists, we’re proud to say we got to work with Amrit Birdi (Quarantine), Phil Buckenham (Obsession, Battlesuit), Jake Elphick (Doesn’t it Depress You?), Cem Iroz (Everyone Deserves a Chance of Happiness, No Recidivism), Davide Puppo (Deciding Our Future, Communication), Atula Siriwardane (A Night Lionel Could Not Forget), and Jim Terry (Pandora). You may recognise a number of these artists from our other series Twisted Dark.

Colouring on the book was done by the wonderful Liezl Buenaventura, and we think she did a wonderful job – especially considering the variety of illustration styles she had to work with!

Justin Birch did all lettering for this comic, V. V. Glass provided all page 0 artwork, and the covers were done by the fantastic Abigail Harding (main cover) and Vince Sunico (Kickstarter variant).


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E-Book, Paperback